is a proprietary formulation to support a restful night sleep. It is a synergistic blend of herbs


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Serinytex Sleep Support
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Welcome, our goal is to help you achieve optimal mental, physical and biological balance through proper diet, nutrition and preventive measures in achieving total wellness. Dr. Germaine Hawkins, fuelled with a passion for wellness has formulated two proprietary products for optimal brain function – Advyndra for focus and mood support and Serinytex for natural sleep support.

what customers says about us.

I used to struggle with mental fatigue, but since taking Advyndra, I've been able to think more clearly and stay on task for longer periods of time. This product has really made a difference in my life, and I'm grateful to have found it!


After just a few weeks of taking Advyndra, I noticed a significant difference in my overall energy and mood. I felt more alert and focused, and able to think more clearly.


I'm amazed at how well it works! I've been taking Serinytex for a few weeks now, and my sleep has improved dramatically. I now sleep through the night without waking up and my sleep is much deeper and more restful. I wake up feeling rested and refreshed, instead of the groggy and irritable mess I had become used to.


The Vision

“Advyndra aims to improve the quality of life of those taking it.”

Recognizing the benefits of proper nutrition combining key B vitamins , amino acids nutrients is where the Vision started. This combination can be beneficial in enhancing and optimizing brain function. Our proprietary formula offers a recharge and rebalance for those who desire to revitalize their mind and body.

Advyndra contains the active (methylated) forms of B vitamins 6, 9 and 12 combined with the acetylated form of Tyrosine and the methylation promoting amino acid betaine (trimethylgicine). This synergy aids in efficient methylation, enhances cognitive function, supports focus and improves stress tolerance