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Welcome to Mind & Body Health

The Benefits of Our Natural Supplements

By restoring the body's natural balance, individuals can experience improved health and overall wellness.

By enhancing neurotransmitter production and supporting the body's natural processes, individuals can experience increased clarity and improved cognitive function.

By improving neurotransmitter production and supporting healthy brain function, our supplements help you stay sharp and focused throughout the day.


Stop struggling to focus and start balancing. You can be a superhero - yours.

Stress negatively impacting your work? Do yourself a favor and improve your desire and ability to focus.

Rest begins with clarity, and clarity begins with focus.

You can do this, and it’s okay to need help

Transform Your Health with Our
Natural Supplements
Real Stories for Real People

"Advyndra is my go-to supplement first thing in the morning. I think clearly and my mind is working more systematically! The energy I feel is an added bonus that gets me started every day."

"Since I've been taking Advyndra, my mental sharpness is amazing . In addition, my energy, focus, memory recall and overall concentration have greatly improved."

Erin Addesso
Former WNBA Player
Byron Williams
Former NFL Wide Reciever
Tonya Andrea Wheatfall
IFBB Figure Pro

"Advyndra has given me that competitive edge I have been looking for. I feel less stressed and better able to multi-task and stay laser focused before I compete!"

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Achieve total wellness through nutrition.

Few physicians are trained in nutrition, causing you to miss out on opportunities to get healthy naturally. This means more expensive prescriptions for you, adverse affects of long-term use to pharmaceuticals, or no solution at all.

Find Your Perfect Fit










Are you a working mom, doing your best to keep it all together?

Are you finding it difficult to focus, no matter how focused you feel you should or need to be?

Stress negatively impacting your work? Do yourself a favor…

Spacing out? Stuck in scroll-mode? Wasting energy by intentionally distracting yourself?

Does your demanding workload make it difficult to fall asleep at night, and hard to focus during the day?

Do you feel anxious or stressed when trying to sleep, or do you have racing thoughts that keep you awake?

Do you feel rested when you wake up in the morning, or do you feel tired and groggy?

Do you have trouble sleeping due to your work schedule or lifestyle, such as shift work or frequent travel across time zones?

Do you frequently lose track of time, or struggle to meet deadlines?

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Our solution is 18 years of psychiatric practice combined with verified nutrition studies to formulate a proprietary product guaranteed to impact your life.

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