One Mind...One Body...One Answer!

One Mind...One Body...One Answer!


"To fill or build up again"


"To give new life or vigor to"


"To make like new / restore to freshness, vigor, or perfection"

About Us

Welcome to Mind & Body Health Solutions, LLC

They say “ Change the Mind…The Body Will Follow”….This is the premise that birthed Mind & Body health solutions LLC in 2011. Physician-founded with the idea of educating the world of the power and necessity of nutritional replenishment.

Today, worldwide many foods are grown from nutrient depleted soils that produce nutrient deficient crops. Mind and Body Health Solution products are physician formulated combining Innovative Thinking with a Synergism of all natural ingredients to empower your mind and equip your body with the nutrients and vitamins to obtain mental and physical performance.

Optimize your brain health safely and naturally

Our Products

Productive days requires a good night's sleep.

Life Changing Testimonials

Brian Nephew (Former Texas Rangers Player)

"I’m not a person that like to take supplements or medicine, however, I found myself needing a little extra help falling asleep and staying sleep.  I felt very comfortable taking the all natural Serinytex to aid me in getting the rest I need for my very busy schedule."

Erin M Addesso (Former WNBA Player)

This product has changed my sleep life! I am well rested, and SO much more productive! I have found myself waking up earlier and totally refreshed ready to RULE the world baby!!!

Byron Williams (NFL Great)

Since I've been taking Advyndra, I really have experienced the, “Advyndra Brain Advantage”. My mental sharpness is amazing. In addition, my energy, focus, memory recall and overall concentration has greatly improved.

Tonya Andrea Whetafall (IFBB Figure Pro)

I feel better than I’ve felt in years! My thoughts are clear and my body feels like its in prime condition to face anything in front of me.

Enhance Your Mental Sharpness