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Frequently Asked Questions


Are there certain medications that should not be taken while on Advyndra?

Yes, avoid monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) due to the Tyrosine in Advyndra taking MAOIs together with Advyndra may cause elevated blood pressure.

Can Advyndra be substituted for a daily vitamin?

Although Advyndra contains important B vitamins that are important for daily functioning it is not recommended you stop any daily multivitamin currently taking.

Can Advyndra be substituted for a meal?

No Advyndra is not recommended to be used to substitute a meal. It may be taken with a meal replacement (i.e smoothie) if desired

Can I take Advyndra if I am pregnant or nursing?

Do not take Advyndra if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Does it matter what time of the day Advyndra is taken?

Advyndra ,  in most people,  has a mild stimulating effect so it should be taken in the am. It is not recommended to be taken after 3pm

How soon can someone expect to feel a difference from taking Advyndra?

This varies person to person. Some individuals particularly vegans and vegetarians note same day benefits (within a few hours) while others note a difference between 3 and 7 days of starting Advyndra.

What is the maximum daily dose of Advyndra?

It is recommended not to take more than 3 capsules daily.

What are the most popular comments made by consumers on Advyndra?

“ I can tolerate things better…not so easily stressed”
“ My focus is much better. Not as easily mentally fatigued.”
“ More motivated to do things like going to the gym. Easier to lose weight.”
“ My mood is much better. I feel more calm..”
“ I prioritize my day better. I am more productive”
“ I have better digestion. Less bloating. More regular bowel movements.”

Will I experience any withdrawal if I stop taking Advyndra?

Advyndra and its ingredients are considered water soluble (compared to fat soluble) meaning it is rapidly absorbed and cleared once the body has utilized it.   With Advyndra, water soluble, there has been no reports of any withdrawal with discontinuation.


Are there any side effects taking Serinytex?
There were no reported side effects in the 5 night study. Check the label prior to use. If you have any known allergy to the ingredients, do not take Serinytex.


Can I take Serinytex with a relaxing tea?

Yes, Serinytex may be taken with a cup of Chamomile or Lavender tea

Can I take Serinytex with prescription sleep aids?

No, we do not recommend combining Serinytex with other over the counter sleep aids or prescription sleep aids

Can Serinytex safe for use in all age groups?

This product is not for use in children. Seek medical advice for use in adolescents over age 15

Do I have to take Serinytex every night for it to work?

NO, this sleep support aid can be taken as needed on night you desire restful sleep. This will change the effectiveness of the Serinytex

Can I take Serinytex while I am taking Advyndra?

Yes you may. In fact, there has been a reported synergy when the two are taken the same day. Takings Advyndra in the morning, Serinytex before bed. Individuals reported feeling more focused, rested, and motivated.

If I am already on a sleep aid, how long should I wait before starting Serinytex?

If taking an OTC or non-prescription sleep aid, wait 48 hours before using Serinytex. It taking a prescription sleep aid, seek medical advice from your prescribing physician prior to use.

Is it okay to have a glass if wine or alcoholic beverage around the same time I take Serinytex?

No, combining any sleep aid, including Serinytex, with any other sedative including alcohol can cause increased drowsiness and decreased alertness. This can be dangerous to your health and those around you.  Do not take Serinytex before operating heavy machinery or driving.

Is Serinytex habit forming?

NO, the ingredients are all natural amino acids, herbal extracts and melatonin and have no addictive potential

What is the maximum dose of Serinytex?

3 tablets in a 24 hour period

Will I wake up drowsy taking Serinytex?

While results may vary, a 5 night study was conducted of over 120 individuals. less than 1.5 % reported morning grogginess after taking Serinytex.

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